occupational therapy driver assessment

Sometimes impairments associated with medical conditions, injuries and disabilities can influence how well a person can drive. Vic Roads may at any time ask you to have an occupational therapy driver assessment to show that can drive safely. Even if you are an experienced driver, you may be asked to have an assessment.

the role of an occupational therapist:

Occupational therapists are health professionals who assist people with physical, mental, or intellectual disabilities to resume normal daily activities. Some occupational therapists have additional qualifications, which allow them to help their clients either obtain a driver licence, maintain their ability to drive safely or develop a learn to drive program.

occupational therapy driver assessments:

Occupational Therapy (OT) Driver Assessments are provided for drivers who have been requested to undergo an assessment by VicRoads. An assessment may be requested for a number of reasons:

  • You have a medical condition or disability and would like to know if you are able to obtain or retain a driver license.
  • To determine how a medical condition, injury or disability may be affecting your ability to drive.
  • Some people require an assessment because they are subject to ongoing reviews to monitor a deteriorating condition.
  • To determine whether aids or modifications could assist someone to drive.
  • To develop a learn to drive program that enables you to focus on key areas that may have been affected by your disability or condition.


what does the assessment involve?

There are two components to the OT driver assessment – an off-road clinic evaluation and an on-road licence test.

  1. The off-road clinic evaluation involves a comprehensive assessment of your physical, visual, sensory and thinking abilities in relation to driving, your understanding of road law and an interview regarding your driving history. This 90-minute assessment provides important information that will direct the requirements for the on-road licence test.
  2. The on-road licence test involves you driving for 45-60 minutes in a dual controlled car, with a driving instructor as well as the occupational therapist. This assessment will observe your abilities to drive the car safely, manage any necessary vehicle modifications, react appropriately to traffic, and abide with road laws. The location of the assessment will be determined through discussion with you and will depend on your needs.

Please note, that the on-road licence test cannot be conducted in your own vehicle.

At the conclusion of the assessment, the Occupational Therapy Driver Assessor will collate the off-road and on-road information to write a report to Vic Roads, and funding body (i.e., NDIS), if required.

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