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Privacy and Confidentiality

Pinarc collects and stores many different types of personal information so that we can provide the best customer service possible. We are required to have this information by law. A lot of the information Pinarc collects is very important to the customer and Pinarc. The staff at Pinarc make sure that this information is collected and stored in a way that recognises the rights of each person to have their information protected and available to them.

Personal information can be any of these things:
Clients Personal Information
Personal information might be collected:
  • when you have your first meeting at Pinarc
  • when your case is reviewed
  • when Pinarc receives a referral from another service
  • on the telephone
  • in an email
  • on a form
Personal information is collected to:
  • make sure our customers are getting the service they need
  • help apply for services or funding from other agencies
  • make sure our customers needs are being met
  • provide data to funding bodies without identifying the person 
Collection and Storage of Information
Pinarc will:
  • only collect personal information to support each persons needs
  • only collect family and financial information required to provide a quality customer service
  • discuss with individuals and their family about how their information may be used
  • make sure that all your information is stored safely and securely 
  • only keep your information while you are a client or for the time that is stated by the Public Records Act
  • make sure that you can look at your information to check that it is correct
Disclosure of Information
Customer information is important to Pinarc, it will not be used for any other purposes without consent, unless the disclosure is:
  • needed to stop a serious threat to life or care of a client or somebody else, including staff
  • requested by a parent or carer if the person is under 18. Proof of authority may be needed
  • authorised, permitted or required by the law
  • needed for research in the public interest (in line with legislation)
  • any other exceptions as outlined in the legislation
If a person is unable to give their consent then a legal guardian may be appointed. For children under 18 a parent/legal guardian must give consent.
*Pinarc abides by the The Privacy Act 1988 (Australian Privacy Principles). For detailed information please refer to The Privacy Act 1988.

Accessing Information
All customers have the right to:
  • have access to their personal information that Pinarc holds
  • let us know if their information is incorrect
  • review their information
If you would like to see your information you will need to write to the Chief Executive Officer of Pinarc with proof of authority to access this information.

Breach of Privacy
Anybody who believes their privacy has been breached, may complain. 
All complaints can be given to a Pinarc Manager or the Chief Executive Officer. 
If you are not happy with the outcome you have the right to complain to the Disability Services Commissioner.