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Pinarc supports the inclusion and participation of children with additional needs in kindergarten. Funded through the Department of Education, the Preschool Field Officer (PSFO) works closely with early childhood educators to build their capacity to support children to access the kindergarten program.
This service is available to children with additional needs attending a funded 3-year old or a funded 4 year old kindergarten program. These additional needs may include developmental concerns associated with any area of a child’s development such as:

  • challenging behaviours
  • speech, language or communication delays
  • social and emotional difficulties
  • a diagnosed disability

Pre-school educators who would like the support from our PSFO team will need to complete an individual referral form:

PSFO referral form

Our PSFO team have created a Microsoft TEAMS chat platform for kindergarten teachers to connect with one another and further information is available via this link:

kindergarten teachers chat information

Child With Teaching Blocks | Pinarc

kindergarten inclusion support

Pinarc provide packages of assistance to support the inclusion of children with a disability or developmental delay and high support needs to take part in 3-year old and 4-year-old inclusive kindergarten programs, fully funded by the Victoria Department of Education and Training (DET).

Children’s health and wellbeing benefit from the social skills development of a positive kindergarten experience. The independence and emotional development that comes from participating as part of a group builds confidence and self-esteem. Our program works to ensure that it is a welcoming and engaging experience for all children in the group, both from a learning and friendships perspective.

Support is often provided in the form of a kindergarten additional assistant (KAA), minor equipment and training. The additional assistant is allocated to provide support to the teacher and the whole group, and not just to the child with severe and complex needs.

Pinarc coordinates the KIS program in the Central Highlands, South-Western region – LGA’s City of Ballarat, Rural City of Ararat, Golden Plains, Hepburn, Moorabool and Pyrenees.

"We are very happy with our KAA’s ability to work as part of our team. 
She is very reliable, engages well with the children and is 
a productive member of the team" - Kindergarten Director

Special Needs Support | Pinarc Ballarat Melton

who is eligible?

KIS provides support so the child is embraced and included in a kindergarten program. It is not an individual package of funding that goes directly to the child and their family.

To be eligible, a kindergarten needs to have a child attending who has a disability or developmental delay and high support needs, and at least one of the following:

  • Is at significant risk of injury to self or others.
  • Is extremely restricted in their capacity for movement.
  • Has complex medical support needs which require a high level of supervision and individualised health care support during the kindergarten program

Pinarc are very experienced in supporting inclusion and ensure that we work with you all the way to deliver the best outcome for your child.

KIS program information


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