working together

Our guarantee is that we will:

  • Listen to you
  • Understand what is important to you
  • Help you work out what supports you can afford with your NDIS plan
  • Tell you how we can help
  • Understand the things you can and can’t do
  • Do the things we say we will
  • Fix mistakes that we make
  • Give you information that you can understand
  • Ask you to sign a service agreement with us that clearly describes our agreement to provide supports
Otway St Pinarc Disability Support

You can help us by:

  • Telling us what we need to know about you so that we can provide supports
  • Telling us about the other supports you use
  • Telling us when things in your life change
  • Coming to appointments on time
  • Letting us know if you can’t come to appointments
  • Talking with us calmly if you are upset
Bonshaw ILS Customer Pinarc Ballarat Melton

safety in your home

Before a staff member comes to visit, they will ask you some questions about safety in your home. You will be asked about things like your pets, smoking, weapons and COVID related health issues. Please don’t be offended as we must ask everyone to meet Occupational Health and Safety laws.

Prior to our first visit staff will complete a Home Safety checklist with you over the phone. We will discuss the best way of providing support to make sure everyone is safe.

You can help us by telling us if:

  • You or anyone in your house is sick when there is a planned visit
  • There have been any changes to your home or household
  • You have any new pets

safety at pinarc

Providing a safe place for everyone is important to us. If a member of your family needs support with behaviour we can work out a plan together.

If you are a family member or visitor, we will not accept:

  • Swearing
  • Yelling or shouting
  • Punching, kicking, biting etc
  • Threats to staff

If staff feel unsafe by your actions, they will ask you to leave or supports may stop.

staying safe

You have a right to always feel safe when you are at home, in the community or at Pinarc programs.

If you or someone you know is being hurt, there are people you can talk to:

  • Any Pinarc staff member, a coordinator, a manager, or the CEO on 5329 1300
  • A family member, friend, or carer
  • The police
  • If you have concerns about a child or young person’s safety go to the Commission for Children and Young People website for information on the best way to report this

If the person you tell doesn’t listen, please make sure you tell somebody else who will help you.

Pinarc customer participating in art program Ballarat

complaints and feedback

You have the right to make a complaint if you are unhappy about the supports we provide.  We want to hear your feedback to help us to improve our supports and we encourage you to contact us. You can speak to:

  • The coordinator of your supports or a manager on 5329 1300
  • Pinarc Deputy CEO on 5329 1348
  • Pinarc CEO on 5329 1364
  • Email us on
  • NDIS Quality & Safeguards Commission 1800 035 544
  • If your complaint is about a kindergarten or licensed children’s service you can contact the Department of Education & Training Ballarat Office 1300 333 232
  • If your complaint is about a worker you can contact the Victorian Disability Workers Commission on 1800 497 132 or online at

We also love to hear about the things that we are doing well and welcome positive feedback on or by phone on 5329 1300.

Customer Information Pinarc Ballarat Melton

choosing services

You make the decisions about your NDIS funding. This means that you can stop going to programs if you want to. However, you will need to give us sufficient notice before you leave, or you may be charged a fee.

Staff will talk to you about everything you need to know, including consent and communication, when you sign your Pinarc service agreement.

Pinarc respects the rights of people with disability in exercising choice and control about matters that affect them. We will support customers to make their own decisions and choices related to their services.

Pinarc customer participating in My Voice program Melton

leaving services

Sometimes people may be asked to leave Pinarc. You would only be asked to leave if we can no longer support you. This might happen if:

  • You are a danger to others
  • You stop others from joining in
  • Your funding runs out

If you are not happy about being asked to leave you can talk to our Chief Executive Officer on 5329 1364.

your information

You have a right to expect that your information is kept private from others

We will:

  • Only collect information that is needed
  • Keep your information private
  • Discuss consent and communication with you when you sign your service agreement

There may be times that we must share your information without asking you. Examples of this include; if somebody is in danger, subpoenas, courts, the police, the tax office, the immigration department, Centrelink, the NDIS commission. You have a right to see the information that we keep about you. Our full privacy statement is available on our policies page.

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