new group therapy programs

cooking and budgeting

Budgeting, shopping and cooking are complex skills that take time and support to develop proficiency and confidence. We will be offering two therapist-led programs to support young adults develop these skills in 2023:

cooking & budgeting

cooking & budgeting – high support needs

independent living skills

A therapist-led program that covers the core skills needed to move out of home.

  • Term 1 – cooking, food budgeting and shopping
  • Term 2 – budgeting – bill management and banking
  • Term 3 – cleaning within the home
  • Term 4 – travel training – buses, taxi, and orientation while walking.

independent living program


current service restrictions

(updated 14-10-2022)

We welcome the easing of Government guidelines around isolation periods, but note that some restrictions still apply to our services. The isolation requirement for the general community has now ceased, however the 5 day isolation period still applies to sensitive settings such as disability services. At Pinarc, we are committed to safely supporting our customers and will allow customers to return to our Group Programs after 5 days isolation as long as they are symptom free.

ALO Group Programs:

  • Customers who have tested positive to COVID-19 may return to group programs after 5 day isolation period providing they are symptom free
  • Masks will continue to be worn by staff when supporting customers, except in special circumstances
  • Customers that are deemed a close contact can only attend services if they undertake a RAT and have no symptoms
  • If you have any cold symptoms please get tested and do not attend group programs

Therapy, Support Coordination and FPM:

  • The current Public health advise is if you have tested positive to COVID it is recommended you isolate for 5 days
  • Pinarc request that if you are COVID positive or have symptoms you contact us to reschedule your appointment or we can change it to teletherapy if appropriate
  • Masks will continue to be worn by staff when supporting customers, except in special circumstances

We care deeply about the health and wellbeing of our staff, customers, their families and carers, and note that our staff are required to not attend their workplace for 5 days after a positive COVID-19 result under current public health information. Different program areas will be impacted in different ways during this time and we will do our best to communicate these changes when they arise.

We know these are challenging times and can affect us all differently. We are here to support you where we can and if you have any queries or feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact Sara Cavanagh, Deputy CEO on 0488 182 440.




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