pinarc in 2024

I am thrilled to share that, despite the challenges posed by the pandemic in previous years, we have remained committed to providing exceptional care and support to our community.

We have made significant improvements to our buildings to demonstrate our commitment to providing quality resources, further enhancing well-being for all. This year, we also welcome many new staff to our wonderful organisation, many of whom will commence over the coming weeks.

Importantly, the feedback from our annual customer survey reflects our ongoing efforts to meet the diverse needs of our community, with an overall improvement in customer satisfaction and the highest ratings from customers in feeling safe when receiving services from us.

We have also actively participated in the NDIS review, advocating for our sector, and closely monitoring the outcomes for Pinarc and the broader community. We have advocated for the needs of customers, their families, and carers sector during the NDIS review by:

  1. Providing written submissions: Pinarc has provided written submissions to the NDIS review panel, outlining the challenges and issues faced by customers, their families and carers including registered providers. These submissions have highlighted the need for increased funding, improved access to services, and more flexibility in the NDIS planning process.
  2. Stakeholder engagement: Pinarc has engaged with various stakeholders, including government officials, NDIS representatives, and other disability support providers, to raise awareness of the challenges faced by the sector and advocate for change. This has included participating in meetings, forums, and consultations to discuss emerging community need.
  3. Participating in advocacy campaigns: Pinarc has participated in advocacy campaigns and initiatives aimed at raising awareness of the issues faced in our communities, which has included improved access to services, and greater flexibility within the NDIS.

looking ahead

This year, as we look ahead, we are excited to continue our positive impact in the coming year, empowering our customers to live fulfilling lives and providing an engaging and supportive environment for our staff.

I encourage you to explore our website further to learn more about the
services and programs we offer. I invite you to join our journey and become a part of the Pinarc community, whether as a customer, supporter, or potential team member.

Thank you for your continued support, and here’s looking forward to a successful and fulfilling 2024 for us all.

Peter Newsome
Chief Executive Officer

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