kindergarten additional assistant

A kindergarten additional assistant’s primary role is to work as a member of the kindergarten team to deliver an inclusive program for all children, as developed by the Early Childhood teacher at the kindergarten. The kindergarten additional assistant is allocated to provide support to the teacher and the whole group, and not just to the child with severe and complex needs.

The kindergarten additional assistant will:

  • Support children to safely access and participate in the kindergarten program
  • Assist children with self-care tasks eg toileting and feeding
  • Participate in taking individual children’s observations as directed by the Early Childhood teacher
  • Attend excursions as requested in consultation with the Kindergarten Inclusion Support (KIS) Coordinator
  • Recognise and have a commitment to high expectations for every child in their learning and development

Children’s health and wellbeing benefit from the social skills development of a positive kindergarten experience. The independence and emotional development that comes from participating as part of a group builds confidence and self-esteem.

Our program works to ensure that it is a welcoming and engaging experience for all children in the group, both from a learning and friendships perspective.
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