key worker

A Pinarc key worker uses a family centred approach to support you and your child who has a disability or developmental delay. Your key worker brings experience from their therapy background and has broad knowledge in early childhood development.

Your key worker at Pinarc could be any of the following:

occupational therapist

educational advisor

speech pathologist


Your key worker will focus on the following areas:

  • Transdisciplinary practice
  • Emotional support
  • Information and advice
  • Identifying and addressing needs
  • Advocacy
  • Service coordination

You should think of your key worker as your ‘Main Therapist’. Instead of taking your child to many different appointments with different therapists, your Key Worker partners with you and your child by focussing on the relationship with you and your family. They help to consult with other professionals as needed. This is a ‘best-practice’ model and has more positive outcomes for young children. It is family-friendly and saves you time, cost, energy, and stress.

At Pinarc we know the best outcomes come from combining the therapist’s experience in child development with the family’s knowledge of their child. Pinarc provides intervention strategies to be used in the family’s home and everyday activities, with the family being the driver of therapy. This results in more time spent practicing strategies and better outcomes for the child and family.

Our key workers are really with you all the way. For more information, please click on the fact sheets below:

teamwork in early childhood intervention services

ECIA national guidelines best practice in early childhood intervention

key worker model

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